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Christmas Memories (2 CD Set)  Only $10


In 2000, the Taubl Family released "A Taubl Family Christmas."  It has been out of print for several years now.  But just in time for the holidays, you can get this timeless recording in a limited edition 2 CD set including "A Taubl Family Christmas" and "This Christmas...Choose Jesus."  And all for only $10!  Order yours today.  Make this Christmas extra special with music by the Taubl Family.

SOLD OUT Available on Itunes.


New tracks from the taubl boys band of brothers

(Available in mp3 format only to download)

1. April Rain (new version)  

2. New Day 

3. Taking It Slow

4. Green Man


Pre-Release  only $5   For more information on Pre-release, click here.

 1. Umbrella                                   7. Together We Can                

 2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow       8. Juliet

 3. Ripples on the Water                   9. Not That Kind

 4. Waiting to Breathe                      10. 2 of Us

 5. April Rain                                   11. Soon Enough

 6. Memorizing You


Headin' for Home only $5 

      1. Celtic Reflection                              

      2. Praise Call to Worship                     

      3. Boys' Prayer                                   

      4. Soldier Song                                 

      5. Headin' for Home

      6. The Lighthouse

      7. Suddenly

      8. When I Survey

      9. Still Small Voice

      10. The Blessing

      11. Celtic Dance


classic only $5 


     1. Aria in classic style - M. Grandjany

     2. nocturne in C## sharp minor - f. chopin

     3. valzer serenade - LM Tedeschi                                             

     4. fantasie on a theme of haydn - m. grandjany

     5. kol nidrei - m. bruch

     6. road to hamelin - p. ramsier

     7. the swan - c. saint saens _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Annabelle's harp only $5 

     1. Sonata in G, K 14 - D. Scarlatti

      2. Sonata in e minor, K 15 - d. Scarlatti

      3. the children's Hour - M. Grandjany

      4. Sonatine Pour Harp - m. tournier

      5. The colorado Trail - m. Grandjany

      6. The Heart Suite - S. Curcio

      7. Birds in Winter - ;m. mauldin

      8. Danny Boy - arr. d. Henson-conant

God will provide only $5

     1. God will provide

      2. amen

      3. promise me forever

      4. what wondrous love is this

      5. brethren, we have met to worship

      6. keeper of the flight

      7. jesus in you

      8. this is my father's world

      9. hero

      10. the lord bless you and keep you


Papa's Legacy only $5

       1. And Can it be

       2. papa's legacy

       3. he is no fool

       4. today

       5. walk the walk

       6. come thou fount

       7. shape of your god

       8. he's been to the top

       9. safe


Family harmony only $5

     1. All That i need

      2. turn your heart toward home

      3. count your blessings

      4. story of jesus medley

      5. hiding place medley

      6. psalm 92

      7. practice, practice, practice

      8. king's medley

      9. bowed on my knees and cried "Holy"

      10. as for me and my house


God still loves America only $5

     Single release - patriotic number with historical significance.

        Medley of familiar tunes including america, battle hymn of the

        republic, and moving historical narration.

              listen to a sample of this moving arrangement here


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