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SOUND for Haiti trip planned June / July 2013

Trip to Haiti, April 15-25, 2012 highlights  

  Trip to Haiti, February 19-26, 2011 highlights    

Sam's year in Haiti teaching


Helping to bring hope back to the people of Haiti through music...


SOUND for Haiti is a project born of our desire to give to the people of Haiti a little glimpse of joy as they start the long road back to hope.

The name of the project, String Orchestra United for a New Day, comes from the title of a song that I wrote last year entitled New Day. To hear a sample of the song,         click here.  Haitian musicians need our help, and we are confident that musicians and music lovers around the world will rise to the occasion.


We have partnered with the Williams family in this project.  Read about their experience as they lived through the horrors of the earthquake, and their vision to help the people of Haiti.

Click here for their story.  


SOUND details:

1. Music schools and hundreds of musical instruments were destroyed or damaged during the earthquake, leaving a great void in the lives of the people there. 

2. Through the generous donations of people around the world, we were able to replace and repair many of these instruments for the Haitian people. Larry Wilke, a well known luthier from Clinton, Connecticut was part of the team, helping to train local craftsmen and provide tools and other supplies to help set up a repair shop.  

3. On February 19, the Taubl Family, the Williams family, Larry Wilke and his son, Ben, traveled to Haiti.  While there, they were able to deliver the collected musical instruments and restore countless more, to give lessons to hundreds of children both at the Holy Trinity Music School and at various orphanages in Port au Prince, and to perform concerts for many different audiences.  Read more about the trip here.

4. Sam returned to Haiti for the year between high school and college to follow up on the music lessons that were started on the February trip.  He is expanding the group of students who are able to take lessons, and then turning the school over to Haitian teachers at the end of his internship.  Read more...

  5.  Gretchen and June Williams returned in September, 2011 to follow up with violin students. 

  6.  Jeremiah returned in February, 2012 to help the aspiring violinists.  The videos below demonstrate    just a bit of the work that has been done. 


 7.  The Taubls and the Williams returned to Haiti on April 15, 2012 for a ten day trip. Read more here. Part of that time was spent in the Central Plateau region, ministering and inspiring the children there to strive for excellence.  They then spent a few days in Port au Prince, checking in on the work that had already been started.  Their were able to bring 12 violins with them, most of which were left in the Central Plateau for the children to continue to use. 

8.  SOUND for Haiti is now working toward sustaining musical instruction for these gifted children in Haiti using Haitian teachers.  Gretchen plans to travel regularly for teacher training and student instruction.  Sam has decided to spend another year in Haiti, feeling compelled to continue the great work that has been started.  Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward and seek to offer hope through God's great gift of music.


If you have ideas, suggestions, or donations, please feel free to contact us

The Taubl Family, SOUND For Haiti, is working closely with Child Hope International and HIS Home for Children to provide help for the children of Haiti. All donations are tax deductible.  Please contact us with questions about financial matters.

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