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Carol’s story

Music should affect the world...

Carol grew up in a small town in West Tennessee and found her world opening up in

every way when her father was transfered to New York City when she was 14.  She was

an avid basketball player, going on to play in college, but music was what defined her.


She attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute right out of high school, majoring in chemical engineering but then went on to pursue music with intensity.  She was greatly affected by the teaching of the late George Henry Horne of Norwalk, CT who taught her that music should impact both the performer and the listener in a profound way.  That has become her mantra.          She practiced with each of the Taubl children each day until they were old enough to be independent, and she also homeschooled them.  She found great joy in arranging songs for the kids, and hearing their unique interpretations of the music she would present.  She and her husband, John and all the children traveled for over 15 years up and down the east coast, performing and encouraging families with their music and their message of hope. The family has recently become very involved in the poverty stricken country of Haiti where they are working to establish a sustainable music program for the children there.        Carol is now founding director of a wonderful organization called SOUND Affect, comprised of vocal ensembles with an emphasis on excellence and social justice.  SOUND Affect ensembles rehearse weekly at the studio and then perform for various charities in the area.  A group of SOUND Affect singers accompanied the Taubls to Haiti in the summer of 2013, providing a life changing experience for all involved.        Carol is also musical director for the summer program Shake It Up Shakespeare at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre and is a freelance pianist in the area.  She has a large teaching studio of piano and vocal students, and continues to write music.  Her most recent composition was written for the people of Haiti.  It draws on the images of the beautiful language of Creole and finds its title in the phrase that is equivalent to the English word “courage.”  “Kembe Fem Pa Lage” literally means “hold on tight - don’t let go.”  You can listen to the song here as you read the English lyrics.  Listen to Kembe Fem- click here... Visit the SOUND Affect website to find out more    
Family and music... Carol and John in 1980 Carol at age 1 Carol and her maternal grandmother, a fine pianist Carol before piano concert 1979 SOUND Affect teaching music to Haitians Carol teaching music to Haitian children Carol and Haitian orphan Carol teaching piano to Haitian girls Carol captain of high school basketball team
Family in concert 1998 SOUND Affect ensemble
Family getting Christmas tree 2002