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The music of the Taubl Family

 for all your special occasions...


If you are looking for the perfect accent

to your party or special function,

the music of the Taubl Family

might be just what you are looking for!


Are you looking for music for your special occasion that won't break your budget? 

Do you have a song that you really love and want to have it played for your event?

The Taubl Family has many options available.  Whether you are looking for solo violin, solo cello, solo harp, or a combination of the above, it is possible with the Taubls.


   Popular groupings include:

Harp and string trio: consisting of the three girls

Piano quartet: Three youngest boys and mom on piano

harp and cello: Annabelle and either Emily or Sam

harp and violin: Annabelle and either Gretchen or Jeremiah

If you were thinking that vocals would be lovely for your event, you have come to the right place.  Just send an email and let the Taubls know what you have in mind, and they can help you come up with just the right music to make your special occasion exactly what you dreamed of.


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