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SOUND for Haiti is in the works!  Our first trip was successful beyond our wildest dreams, which has prompted immediate plans for a return.  Some things on the agenda for our next trip are developing a music school for orphans, providing more violins and cellos for kids who need them there, and performing concerts to encourage those who are working so hard for the downtrodden people of Haiti. 

If you can make a donation to this important work, please click on the link below. By doing so, your donation will go directly to the Haiti fund. And there other ways that you can help.  Consider donating an instrument that you forgot about up in the attic, or perhaps you would like to join us on the trip.  Email for more info.  And of course, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

The Taubl Family Band is committed to bringing about change in the world through their music.  If you share their belief, and would like to contribute monthly to their efforts, please click on the link below. 

Thank you.

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