Music and Video

Fall 2008
Made it through to the Top 20!
(from left) Sam, John (dad), Annabelle, Gretchen, James, Carol (mom), Jack, Emily and Jeremiah

Getting ready for the show!
From left: Jack, Sam, Jeremiah, and James

In front of the Henson studios in Hollywood where we did some recording.From left: James, Emily, Gretchen, Annabelle, Jeremiah
Sam on stage!
Jake on stage!
Gretchen at the piano on the stage of America's Got Talent.  That is our producer, Brian Updyke, with the clipboard.
Annie and Jeremiah in front of 'the tower!
Jeremiah getting his hair done on set
Emily and Elvis, aka Joseph Hall!
Rehearsing on stage - so much fun!!!
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