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The Taubl Family has been touching the hearts and souls of people with their glorious music for over ten years. John and Carol, along with their 7 children, perform with a unique blend of vocal harmonies and stringed instruments. Blessed by God and trained at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, these award winning musicians would like to introduce themselves...
John (June 24, 1960)  and Carol (February 19, 1962)

John, the father of the clan, was born and raised in southern Connecticut. As a young boy soprano, his talent was recognized by a junior high school music teacher. Although he loved music, sports was his real passion. An avid baseball player, John played varsity sports all through high school and college.  Carol was brought up in West Tennessee but moved to Connecticut when her parents were transferred to New York City in 1976.  Her musical talent had been passed down through the generations, and she has been playing piano for as long as she can remember.  Carol was also an avid athlete, playing both high school and college basketball. 

 In 1979, their paths crossed at a roller skating rink.  They were married in 1981 and since then, have been blessed with seven children. 

Gretchen (November 19, 1983)

"Gretchen has always been the serious child.  When she was little, people were constantly asking why she looked so sad.  She wasn't sad, just serious, constantly thinking and learning. Her nickname amongst her siblings is 'the queen,' being the classic first born, always in control and quietly setting the pace.  Books were her constant companions all through her childhood, and continue to be." (a note from mom) 

Gretchen has the dubious distinction of being the oldest of the Taubl children and leader of the Taubl orchestra. Her beautiful, rich alto voice lends depth to the sound of the Taubl vocals. Her musical talent was quite evident when she began her violin studies at age 5. The beautiful, soulful sound of the viola captured her imagination at age 12 and she has since devoted herself almost entirely to it. Gretchen was enrolled in the pre-college program at the Juilliard School in New York City from 1998-2002. She graduated from the Hartt School of Music in May, 2006 with a degree in viola performance.  She currently has a large teaching studio and enjoys sharing the gift with a new generation of musicians.

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Emily (August 17, 1985)

"As the classic second child, Emily is hard working and organized.  And right from the start, we knew Emily by the twinkle in her eye and the mischief in her step.  No one ever asked why she was so serious, because she rarely was.  Her early nickname was 'Emily Jane the Hurricane,' and I don't need explain that one. Emily continues to be a ray of sunshine, thoughtful and courageous.  Her faith is stubborn and relentless, and she has been a source of strength for all as we have faced the storms of life." (a note from mom) 

Her cello playing provides a luscious bass sound to the strings, while her natural soprano voice adds excitement to the vocals. Emily began her cello studies at age 6 and was greatly influenced by the teaching of Donna Denniston, who then recommended that she audition for the Juilliard pre-college. Upon acceptance there, Emily entered the studio of Ardyth Alton with whom she studied from 1998-2002. Emily graduated from the Yale School of music in cello performance in May, 2005. She is currently pursuing a degree in cello performance from the Hartt School of Music. In November, 2007, she was awarded first prize in the Van Rooy Competition for Musical Excellence at the Hartt School.  Her solo appearances include the Granite State Symphony, Juilliard Pre-College Symphony, Boston Virtuosi, New England String Ensemble and the Hartford Symphony. During her time at Juilliard, Emily was chosen to work in an elite chamber group coached by the legendary violinist, Itzhak Perlman.

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Annabelle (April 23, 1987)

"With two precocious and articulate sisters waiting on her hand and foot, little Annabelle was very late speaking.  She finally started talking at age 3, started reading at 4, and found her true voice in the harp at age 5.  Her dry humor began to reveal itself sometime in early adolescence, and now she provides comic relief for all family gatherings.  Marching to the beat of her own drummer, Annabelle is our little (no height references intended) ray of sunshine.  In fact, that is her daddy's nickname for her - Sunshine." (a note from mom)

Annabelle saw a harp being played in an orchestra on television when she was 4 years old and decided that she wanted to play that instrument. She began harp lessons at age 5 with Stephanie Curcio of Stratham, NH. At age 10 Annabelle made her solo debut performing Mozart's Concerto for Flute and Harp with the Northeast Youth Symphony Orchestra. A year later she entered the pre-college program at the Juilliard School and began to study with Nancy Allen, principal harpist of the New York Philharmonic. She had her Carnegie Hall debut in December, 2000 with the New York String Orchestra under the direction of Jaime Laredo. As Young Concert Artist for the American Harp Society, Annabelle represented the United States at the 2002 World Harp Congress in Switzerland.  Annabelle just completed her senior year at the Hartt School of Music.  Her solo appearances include the West Point Army Band, Westchester Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Pro Musica, Juilliard Pre-College Symphony and Symphony by the Sea.

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  Jack (September 12, 1990)

"After three girls, figuring out this new creature was like exploring uncharted territory.  What does one do with a child who makes guns out of everything (including tinker toys and Legos) and who is only happy when he is in danger? Poor Jack was our training manual on how to raise boys, but he has survived unscathed.  His intensity is evident in all he does.  He is a gentleman and a loyal friend (a note from mom)

Jack began playing viola at age 3, and shortly after began performing with the family.  His beautiful boy soprano voice was angelic, and his stage presence was captivating.  Jack now has a very high tenor voice, and adds real excitement to the Taubl Family vocals. Jack is very involved in theater at his school, and has had major roles in the musical productions since his sophomore year.   He is also an avid baseball player, and a crazy Boston Red Sox fan.

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Samuel (July 17, 1993)

"Sam was never an easy child, but you would never believe that now.  As a toddler, the best word to describe Sam was destructive! He had a major upheaval in his life when he was barely two years old - twin brothers were born into his family!  But Sam was resilient, and now he is a very easy going, good natured young man.  No matter what happens, Sam takes it in stride and maintains a 'glass is half full' attitude.  He juggles a lot in his life - cello, school, baseball, theater - but he is never too busy to sit down and talk with mom." (a note from mom)

Sam, our other cellist, began his formal musical education at age 3.  When he was 8 years old, he auditioned and was accepted into the pre-college program at the Juilliard School.  He is currently in his sixth year at Juilliard and is a student of Clara Kim.  Sam also sings in the Juilliard Pre-college chorus and participates in the musical production at this school.  Like his older brother, Sam is a fabulous baseball player and as a freshman, had a starting position on the Varsity team at his school. 

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James (August 13, 1995)

"James is a very sweet, laid back child.  When he and Jeremiah were toddlers, Jeremiah would beat up on him and although he was bigger, he would never fight back.  We always worried what would happen to Jeremiah if James ever got fed up!  But that never happened.  James is very creative, enjoying writing stories and songs, and this sensitivity is a wonderful balm to a house that is overflowing with testosterone! Thank heaven for James!" (a note from mom)

James is the older of the twins by 11 minutes.  He began studying viola with his sister, Annabelle, when he was 4 years old.  He began formal studies at age 7 and is now a student of Adria Benjamin at the Mannes School of Music in New York City.  James is also an avid baseball player.  He is a south paw, with a mean curve ball, and has set records for strike outs during his Little League career.  James loves chamber music, Coldplay, and Bruch's Scottish Fantasy!

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Jeremiah (August 13, 1995)

"If I need something done, I call Jeremiah.  He is organized, and hard working and he is eternally optimistic.  It is ironic that the youngest of the seven would be the bossiest, but that is indeed how it works out!  If music doesn't work out for Jeremiah, I figure he will end up on Wall Street!" (a note from mom)

Jeremiah also began his musical studies with his sister, Annabelle, at age 4 but his instrument of choice was violin.  His formal violin studies began at age 7 with Phoebe Barron at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT.  When he was 12 years old, he began studies with Stephan Tieszen at the Mannes School of Music in New York City.  Jeremiah is also an excellent baseball player, preferring the position of catcher.  

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