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Jack’s story

A remarkable ear for music...

From a very early age, it was clear that Jack had a uniquely sensitive ear for music.  At the tender age of three, he would regularly reprimand his sisters for singing a song in the wrong key!  His boy soprano voice was truly remarkable with effortless range and impeccable intonation, which can be witnessed on the early Taubl Family recordings.     Jack began viola lessons at age 4.  As a teenager, he began playing guitar and found the instrument that truly spoke to his soul.  He is a gifted songwriter and talented arranger.  His ability to find harmonies and interesting musical hooks has been an asset to the music of the family.      After the 2008 appearance on America’s Got Talent, the girls went off to school and jobs and the boys decided to start a brothers’ band.  They named themselves the Asberry Boys after their great great grandfather, James Asberry White, who was a circuit riding preacher in Alabama in the early twentieth century.    Jack has written much of the music of the Asberry Boys, and has had some very successful collaborations with his brother Sam.  Their song, Tender, is a crowd favorite and can be purchased on Itunes. Listen to Tender - click here... Purchase Tender - click here..    Jack has spent a great deal of his time after high school working with those less fortunate.  He has made several trips to Haiti where he taught music and performed.  His latest trip to Haiti was with a wonderful organization called Firme Foundation and he was part of a team that built eight houses for families living in tents.        Jack now works with underprivileged kids in Waterbury, CT as an upper strings teaching assistant for Bravo Waterbury.  He is also a full time sales associate at Sam Ash Music in New Haven.   
The leader of the pack... Jack in concert age 4 Jack starting viola at age 4 Asberry Boys perform for inner city kids camp Asberry Boys at Mohegan Sun Jack and the children of Haiti
Tender by The Asberry Boys on Grooveshark
Buy Tender on Itunes Jack and the team with the new home