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Jeremiah’s story

Jeremiah has many passions...

Jeremiah started violin lessons at age three with his sister Annabelle.  When he was

seven years old, he began studying violin at the local music school, and then three

years later was accepted into the prep program at Mannes School of Music in New York

where he was a student of Stephan Tieszen.


Jeremiah is a fine baseball player, mastering many positions on the field.  In Little League he was the catcher while James pitched, until they realized he could also pitch.  He has played infield and outfield at all positions with great skill.  He was MVP of his varsity team both sophomore and junior year of high school.           When he is not playing baseball or violin, Jeremiah enjoys acting in drama productions. He has had lead roles in musicals at his school, with a local drama company, and at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT.  Memorable roles include Willy Wonka, Cornelius in Hello Dolly and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.  Perhaps his favorite role was that of Nickles in the lesser known play “J.B.”. Jeremiah has a great passion for helping those less fortunate. He has been to Haiti several times teaching and performing.  In the summer of 2013, he spent a month there teaching and nurturing.  It was life changing for many reasons, and he looks forward to returning to Haiti very soon.       Jeremiah’s tenor voice is a major factor in the impressive harmonies of The Asberry Boys, a band made up of the four Taubl brothers. They perform regularly for festivals and concert series and are working on their first album.       The Asberry Boys are working on recording a new album.  Their song, Tender, is a crowd favorite and can be purchased on Itunes. Listen to Tender - click here... Purchase Tender - click here..     
So many talents... Jack in concert age 4 Twins and their dad 1996
Tender by The Asberry Boys on Grooveshark
Buy Tender on Itunes James pitching for high school team James and Little League Age 7 Asberry Boys perform at camp for underprivileged kids James as Charlie Jeremiah holding baby in Haiti James as Benvolio - Romeo and Juliet 2013 James singing on stage age 7
Jeremiah as Willy Wonka Jeremiah as Cornelius Jeremiah as Romeo Jeremiah as Nickles The Asberry Boys on television