Music and Video


New Haven Music Academy is your choice for excellence in vocal ensembles in the greater New Haven area.  If you like the Taubl Family sound, this is a chance to be a part of that.  Arrangements done by Carol Taubl and including members of the Taubl Family, these ensembles are truly a step above other offerings.  Check out the website...www.newhavenmusicacademy.com

Annabelle Taubl, harpist - The music of Annabelle's harp is the perfect touch for any special occasion.  Visit her webpage to hear her music and find out more about booking Annabelle for your event.  She also gives private lessons.  Visit http://AnnabelleTaubl.com for more information. 

Band of Brothers - The Taubl Boys have formed a new band, performing some of their favorite songs, composing and exploring some new instrumental choices.  Check out their page here, and their Myspace page here

H.I.S. Home for Children - a remarkable group of orphanages run by Chris and Hal Nungester.  www.hishomeforchildren.com

Child Hope - where we stayed our first trip to Haiti and where Sam is spending the year teaching - two homes for orphans and a guest house.  This is run by Susette and Bill Manassero.  www.childhope.org

New Haven Magazine is a fabulous publication, full of interesting facts about the people and places that make New Haven a wonderful place to live and an exciting place to visit.  If you live in the area, a subscription is a must!  You will find information about great restaurants and upcoming events, along with intriguing and well written articles.  Check their website for more information...

Neighborhood Music School is a fabulous resource for all who live in the greater New Haven area.  They offer instruction in all stringed instruments, piano, and so many others.  Check out their website for more information.  We highly recommend them!

Dolores Neilson is an amazing photographer with a gift for finding the unusual shot and making it work.  She did all the photography on our newest Christmas CD and we are so happy with her work.  She has also generously given us permission to use her photos in our publicity material and that has been a real blessing.  Check out her website!

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