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The Taubl Family Pre-release

The last Taubl Family Band recording featuring music from their time on America’s Got Talent as well as songs by individual members of the family.  Click here for more info... $10.00

Headin’ for Home

The Taubls with a bit of a celtic feel.  Some original songs and some really beautiful covers.  Click here for more info... $10.00 This Christmas...Choose Jesus Sure to become a family holiday favorite - this CD contains some original tunes and some Christmas classics.  Sold out - available only on Itunes.  Click below. $9.99 Taubl Family Classic Favorite classical music selections played by the members of the Taubl Family.  Included on this CD is the entertaining “Road to Hamelin” narrated by a young Jack Taubl.  Click here for more info... $10.00 Papa’s Legacy The Taubl Sisters project that includes their signature vocals along with a stirring title track about the great-grandfather.  Read more here... $10.00 God Will Provide The Taubl Family’s third album reflects their profound faith and their remarkable talents in writing and arranging.  Read more... $10.00 Annabelle’s Harp At the tender age of 14, Annabelle won a major national competition which resulted in a two year recital tour.  This album features many harp favorites.  Read more... $10.00 Family Harmony One of the earliest of the Taubl Family recordings, this CD will surely be a favorite of families with children of all ages.  For more information, click here... $10.00
Taubl Family 2000

The music...