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           Issue #25 / Spring 2012

the winter that wasn't...

I need to tell you that I am pretty sure Jeremiah is the reason that we had such a mild winter.  He had a great plan for making money - and based on the winter from last year, he would have been quite wealthy.  Our neighbor goes to Canada in the winter, and he asked Jeremiah to shovel his driveway every time it snowed for a hefty sum (it's a hefty driveway!) I don't have to tell you that Jeremiah is still poor.  But you won't hear me complaining!

Here is a little update on the kids...

Gretchen is crazy busy planning her October wedding, while maintaining a bulging violin studio and her passion for teaching and nurturing children in Haiti.  In September, she and June Williams returned to Haiti to teach violin and she is looking forward to the next trip in April. 

Emily has a huge milestone ahead in her life...she graduates with her Master's Degree in May from New England Conservatory.  We are so proud of her.  She was recently selected to perform at the Piatigorsky Cello Festival in Los Angeles.  That was quite a thrill and a much needed break from the pressures of school.  She looks forward to some downtime this summer as she ponders the next steps!

Annabelle had an exciting holiday season as harpist for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.  It was quite an experience.  She is the proud mom of two dogs that she rescued from a local shelter, and does free lance harp work in New York City. 




Jack works full time at Sam Ash Music in New Haven, and he plays in three different bands in the area.  He is spend some time in Haiti in the coming year, working in the Central Plateau.

Samuel has been in Haiti since September, except for a few weeks off at Christmas time.  He is teaching cello, guitar and violin, as well as working at several programs that are offered by the orphanage where he works.  He loves being in Haiti and is prayerfully considering what he should do in the coming year. 

James has been a busy boy this winter.  He played JV Basketball for the Christian Heritage School team, and was one of the leads in the school play.  The play is now over, but baseball season is upon us.  Hopefully he will have time to get his homework done now! 

And Jeremiah continues to stay busy as well!  He had the other lead in the school play - see below - as well as a spot on the JV basketball team.  He has also taught himself to play guitar this year, and is enjoying leading worship at school and church. 

Lucy (our dog) is doing quite well.  She is the smartest, coolest and most wonderful dog in the whole world and I'm not sure how we survived this long without her.  She has had a rather traumatic thing happen to her recently.  Read the story below.

John and I continue to be the chauffeur, manager, cook, laundry person, baseball get the picture.  But we couldn't be more honored and blessed to do what we do.  Life never slows down, but we really wouldn't want it to.  It's all good!  


Willy Wonka

James and Jeremiah had a really cool opportunity at their school this March.  They were cast as the two leads in their school production of Willy Wonka.  Jeremiah was Mr. Wonka  himself, and James was Charlie.  There were many witty exchanges, and some glorious music on that stage.  Many thanks to director Judith Dann and musical director Robin Hannibal.





There was a professional flying team brought in to 'fly' the boys in the bubbles scene and the final scene when they leave the factory.  It was quite spectacular.  The pictures tell the story pretty well...



The Puppy...

Sam stepped off the airplane on his way home for Haiti on Wednesday, March 14 with more than  a suitcase and a guitar.  He was carrying a little black puppy carrier with a little blonde puppy inside.  Benny made the trip just fine, sleeping most of the way tucked under the seat on the crowded plane.  He emerged from his cocoon with a confused look on his face, and we wondered if he was more puzzled about the crazy sounds all around him, or the deliciously cool temperatures that washed over him.  Whatever the case, he is enjoying life here at the Taubl house, and considering where he came from, it's no wonder.

Sam was visiting a property with the founders of the orphanage where he works, when he noticed a man and a young boy mistreating a puppy.  He immediately went over to see what was happening, and what he saw broke his heart.  The puppy was filthy, starved, and appeared to have a skin disease that caused most of the fur on one side to fall out.  The man refused to allow Sam to take the puppy at first, but when the almighty dollar (or goud in this case) came into the equation, the man became less and less attached to his puppy. And so for $5, Sam rescued Benny and changed that puppy's life forever.  We are so glad he did.