Music and Video

Summer 2010

John had a big birthday in June!  We won't tell you which one it was... 

Jeremiah, Gretchen, and Jack enjoy the party along with Gretchen's wonderful boyfriend, Steve!


Working on the new demo CD at Adorea Studio in Hamden, CT

                      Sam laying down guitar tracks                                                                                         Jeremiah texting between takes!


    Mom and Emily visit grandparents in Tennessee!                                                                      Annabelle's new headshot! 


                                                    James playing first base                                                   Sam and his beautiful friend, Allison, at Senior banquet.



                                                                Gretchen and the grandpuppy, Beauregard, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

Carol, John, and John's mom, Georgette Basone, enjoy a Segway ride in beautiful downtown Chicago!

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